On the air: A quick look at some area radio and TV personalities

Patrick Welter, WJAC-TV

Age: 26

Current position: Sports reporter/anchor at WJAC-TV

Family: John and Patty Welter (parents in New Hampshire), Jenna Welter (sister at University of Minnesota), Justin Welter (brother at Trinity High School in New Hampshire), Amanda Kennedy, fiance

Hometown: Londonderry, N.H.

High school: Londonderry High School, 2006

College: Providence College, 2010; Emerson College, 2013

My first job in media: Video journalist for The Tampa Tribune/TBO.com

How I landed in my present job: I was essentially making TV on the Internet in Tampa. The lack of time restrictions made it really fun and creative, but the one thing it lacked was the live element. I really wanted to try that so I sent out my resume up the East Coast, and Jim Platzer at WJAC eventually gave me a call.

My earliest influences in TV/radio: I remember being a new kid in fourth grade and discovering “Mike & Mike” on ESPN radio. After college I moved home to my parents house. I started listening to Colin Cowherd. I’d never heard someone approach sports like that. It wasn’t sports talk; it was sports theory that really made you think. It inspired me enough to go to grad school for journalism. TV-wise, I’ve always liked Kenny Mayne’s dry humor. He really gets at the end of the day it’s just sports. I really enjoy John Buccigross and his general hipster nonsense. Stuart Scott’s suit game is unmatched.

The most interesting person I ever interviewed was: In Tampa I interviewed a high school football player that was nearly burned alive as a baby. Then as a kid his cousin/best friend was shot and killed. His positive attitude was really affecting.

What I like best about my job: I love getting to anchor the show. It’s always a rush. On the reporting side, being a part of something while it’s happening is great.

What I dislike most about my job: Getting lost while driving under deadline might be one of the worst things in the world.

How the TV/radio business has changed: Everyone’s kind of a journalist now. Lot of clutter. That Twitter thing, man, be careful who you follow or your timeline will be a mess. It’s all about having unique information and being able to deliver it in a unique, impactful way.

Advice I could give to someone interested in making career in media: Anyone who’s ever had a truly great idea was initially laughed at.