February Videos

Fred Rogers

It’s snowy and drippy out. Even so, hope you get some fresh air and move around a little. There has been a lot of sad news lately and sometimes it’s best to work out what has happened by trying to protect one another. It’s a complicated issue and one where I stand firmly with the victims and follow their lead. I feel that there is much change happening and it’s all in the aim to help as many people as possible. I’m grateful for this energy as a teacher, parent and artist. I don’t think people have to agree 100% on everything. But I do know we all want people to be safe and not hurt or worse. It’s like crossing the street. We want everyone who crosses the street not to be hit by a car 100% of the time. The steps to doing this is multileveled and relies on laws, watching for traffic, being aware of your surroundings (both as a walker and driver) and so on. I feel we can do this. It’s just going to take people asking for change.

In the meantime, what are some things that spark change in your heart? I’m thinking of change and Spring cleaning. Cleaning out the old stuff that is bringing you down, whether that is dust, clutter, old ideas and unresolved feelings. If we can clean out that stuff, in a health way, we have more space for what really makes us happy: hiking, starting a new business, helping people and animals, dancing, creating, freshening up our living space and minds and new relationships.

One thing you can do is start a bag to donate to goodwill or whatever charity you’d like. Put one thing in it a day for 30 days and then donate. Here’s a great video from a person who started donating. I donated to planet aid as they took everything, even if you only had 1 shoe and scraps of fabric. I love this.

However, how do you express the hurt that takes up room in your heart? I think there is only a few ways for this to be cleaned out. One is to own that you’ve been hurt and the other is action. Write to your senators, congressmen and to the president expressing what you want to see happen for positive change.

I was planning to share some music videos on spring cleaning but ended up writing this post. I hope it helps some one. We are all in this world together and we can make it a good one just by changing a few things. It only took me about 3 minutes to write to my senator, congressman and to the president.

Also, if someone has influenced you, made you happy, here’s a video that shows how to pay it forward. Enjoy.