Summer arts

It’s summer and nearly the beginning of August which equals end of summer vacation for many. Everyone is starting to think of school, school clothes, and back packs. If not, many others are working, finishing up vacations or house renovation plans. For my self, I’m doing day-cations, one day vacations such as going to Canoe Creek. I’m also doing some painting in the kitchen, long over due. I also have been taking an art history class over the summer, which I love. I have been lucky enough to learn about different time periods such as Medieval to Impressionist art. I highly recommend taking an art history class or picking up a few books from the library or at the local book store. Sometimes we forget that art is not purely visual but carries a large amount of writing as well. For example, you can visit The Met . Another wonderful source for art is Google Arts and Culture where you can easily access many great works of art from around the world. It is divine! When you have access and can learn more about the arts you are keeping your mind fresh with new ideas and visuals, can understand where our culture stems from and gives you new ideas for creating art your self. Whatever the end of summer brings you and as the Fall and Winter months begin to bloom, expand your palette by learning about some interesting resources about the arts. Enjoy!