Don’t be a bystander, take a stand for animals in need

Right now the weather channel is reporting that we’re having “one of the five worst streaks of brutally cold weather since 1891 and that conditions in some areas could continue to develop or worsen over time.” On the way to work this morning it dipped to

-4 degrees F.

Right now, there are two Beagles in an outside pen completely exposed to the brutally cold temperatures of Central PA and we’re still trying to get someone to come to their rescue.

My out-of-town relatives visiting in a neighboring county contacted me this morning asking what authorities they could contact regarding these dogs. They saw the conditions and wanted to help immediately.

While new laws are now in effect in PA to help protect pets from such harsh conditions, not every county is yet prepared to handle the calls or enforce the laws.

After 3 hours on the phone and messaging contacts in my county and the neighboring county where the dogs are located, it comes down to having to call the PA State Police barracks to report the incident.

Thanks to the Governor’s new law, the State Police now have more leverage to enforce the law to help protect these innocent creatures left exposed to the elements by people who either don’t care or truly don’t know better but those who want to help understandably are hesitant to call the police for an animal-related incident.

Fortunately, my relatives were not hesitant and made the call. The State Police were very receptive and said they would either go check on the dogs themselves or contact the local police to do so.

We are fortunate in our county to have animal enforcement officers – although overworked and outnumbered- but, so many counties don’t have animal enforcement officers to handle the endless situations that need addressed.

If you see an animal left outside exposed to these unbearable conditions contact your local animal enforcement officer or the State Police. If it’s too bitter out there for us, it’s too bitter for the defenseless animals.

Tonight is expected to be even colder. Take a stand for those who can’t stand for themselves.