A little help for our Huntingdon fur friends

Dear Santa’s Helpers,

I just spoke with the Huntingdon (PA) County Humane Society. They are in need of any and all donations “as we are currently having to renovate our dog kennels. The dog runs were purchased over 30 years ago and are no longer up to state requirements. This is a major financial undertaking for us and every little bit helps.”

Attached is our wish list: (You can drop off your donations at the HCHS or at the Altoona Mirror, 301 Cayuga Ave., Altoona and we’ll see that they get these items they so desperately need. Help us, help them, help our pets in need. – Amy

Huntingdon County Humane Society

11371 School House Hollow Road

Huntingdon, PA 16652

Phone: 814-643-7387 hchspets@verizon.net

Cleaning Supplies

• laundry detergent (liquid only please)

• clorox/bleach

• dryer sheets

• Dishwashing liquid

Pet Supplies

• Non-scoopable and scoopable cat litter

• Dog food (dry or canned)

• Cat food (Purina Cat/Kitten food only please–we’ve found this prevents digestive issues best) or canned food

• Cat or dog toys

• Sturdy leashes (no flexi-leads)

• Adjustable buckle collars (no choke chains)

Other Useful Donations

• Stamps

• Old blankets

• Paper towels and toilet paper

• Copier paper

• Gift cards for area businesses

• Empty inkjet cartridges

• Hand soap

*** Please Note: We are no longer accepting Newspapers ***

Of course, monetary donations are always welcome, too.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated