The life and times of Czar, a senior pup

Czar is a 13 ½ year old pitt bull who rescued his parents (Jackie and Paul) at the tender age of 9 weeks. This gentle giant is the pride and joy of his mom, Jackie, who loves to deck Czar out in holiday duds and showcase his pictures in fundraising calendars, contests and even on his own FB Page (Czar Figart).

Mom Jackie, recently wrote a very touching account of life with Czar… the life of a senior pet. It tugged at my heart strings even more so than anything else Czar has posted because of my shared love for senior pets. Read Czar’s post here and then be sure to like and follow his FB page so you, too, can share in the crazy, wonderful, laid back life and antics of a senior pet…

EVERY SENIOR NEEDS AN ELEVATOR ACCORDING TO CZAR: I was just sitting here thinking what my life is now that I am a senior. Well……things are slower. I walk a little slower, I take more naps, and I get winded walking up the stairs because of my lungs. Mommy and Daddy help me a lot with the stairs. I wait at the bottom and I turn to the side and Daddy tells me the elevator (Daddy) is here and off I go up the stairs. I love that elevator! :)Xena (my sister) gets to ride the elevator too sometimes when she is tired.

Mommy is always walking around the house doing things and it’s hard to keep up with her sometimes so she makes me lay on the couch and watch her. She rubs my back and sings to me (she isn’t very good but I listen) and I take another nap.

I can’t go for walks anymore but Daddy lets me get the mail with him sometimes. I love that because I get to weewee on some of the bushes. I do walk around the yard but every time I try to sniff things in the grass, I sneeze. That really makes me cough but Mommy gives me children’s Benadryl along with my lung meds so it makes me feel better. I am ok with that because that just means more cheese! That lung stuff makes me weewee more so Mommy gets up in the middle of the night with me so I can go. I just don’t feel like making the trip back up the stairs so Mommy sleeps with me downstairs on the couch. For some reason the elevator doesn’t run at 2am! When she tucks me in on the couch, she sings to me again! I do not know if I fall asleep fast because I am just old now or because it makes the singing stop. )

I still love to eat and cookies come really easy now. I have learned being a senior is pretty ok. I get waited on “paw and paw”! Now that I do not play as much, it allows me more time to cuddle with my Mommy and Daddy. Not Mentzer! (my bird sister) No way! She looks at me funny!

My Mommy said, I am still her baby no matter how old I get.

I just hope that my other senior pals out there get to ride an elevator sometimes.

Just because I am a senior doesn’t mean that my love for my Mommy and Daddy is old, it just means that I have loved them a lot longer and will keep loving them and I know they will love me right back.

Well I am done thinking for tonight. I need to catch that elevator.

Night friends,