Area Music Gets Its Irish Up!

Here is a listing of Altoona area live music happenings for the weekend and week of Friday, March 17 through Thursday, March 23.

Besides a popular time of the year for wearing green attire, consuming green-colored food and drinks, and celebrating the Emerald Isle, St. Patrick’s Day weekend is also a busy time for local music. Numerous St. Patrick’s Day-themed parties and events highlight the area live music itinerary this weekend.

The usual popular St. Patrick’s themed events return this year. The annual Mac Bash, a fundraiser for the McEldowney Academic Scholarship Fund, takes place on Friday evening at Altoona’s Jaffa Shrine. Shallow Nine and Tree provide the music. Tickets for this event are sold out.

The Gallitzin Fire Company presents its annual St. Patrick’s Day Party on Saturday afternoon at the Gallitzin American Legion (Oriental Ballroom) in Gallitzin. Hundreds of green-clad celebrants will enjoy food, drink, and live music from Full Kilt, the Michael O’Brian Band and Hot Wax. Tickets for this event are sold out.

On Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, Zach’s and Molly Maguire’s both feature live music throughout the afternoon and evening. Check the listing below for performance schedules for both venues.

So browse the schedule below, pick an event and support live music during this St. Patrick’s weekend. And if you plan to celebrate heavily while doing so, please designate a sober driver or call a taxi to get you home.


Full Kilt (12 noon) and Mountain City Grass (3:30 p.m.) at Molly Maguire’s, Altoona


Mac Bash 2017 at Jaffa Shrine, Altoona; featuring Tree and Shallow 9 (starts 7 p.m., proceeds benefit McEldowney Academic Scholarship Fund)

Michael O’Brian Band (5:30 and 9:30 p.m.) and Full Kilt (7:30 p.m.) at Zach’s, Altoona

Deuces Wild at Molly Maguire’s, Altoona (starts 6:30 p.m.)

X’s For Eyes (acoustic) at Railroad City Brewing Company, Altoona (starts 7 p.m.)

Trip Wire at Buccinese Society, Altoona (starts 10 p.m.)

Texas Whiskey Authority at The Cantina, Altoona (starts 10 p.m.)

Felix & the Hurricanes at Bavarian Aid Society, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

Sugar Ridge at Newburg Firehall, Altoona (starts 9 p.m.)

Rokkandy at Bellwood UVHA, Bellwood (starts 8 p.m.)

Matt Wagner at U.S. Hotel, Hollidaysburg (starts 8 p.m.)

The Lawn Darts at Duncansville VFW, Duncansville (Benefit for Trooper Weaver’s family, starts 8 p.m.)

Black Cat Moan and Lizzie & the Yeehaw Gang at Locality, Bedford (starts 7:30 p.m.)

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration with Fall Of Ishvall and UFO Crash Site at Knight’s Bar, Bedford (starts 9 p.m.)

100 Proof at Saxton Sportsmen’s Club, Saxton (starts 8 p.m.)

St. Patrick’s Party with Raining Blue at Woody Lodge Winery, Ashville (starts 6 p.m.)

Krazy Kat Daddies at Patton American Legion, Patton (starts 9:30 p.m.)

Born and the Beanstalk at Rembrant Club, St. Benedict (starts 10 p.m.)

Matt Pletcher Trio at The Olde Keg Bar & Grill, Portage (starts 9 p.m.)

Flight 19 at JD’s Wild Cherry Inn, Portage (starts 10 p.m.)

Clay Bowser at Our Station House, Ebensburg (starts 8:30 p.m.)

St. Paddy’s Stumble with Tim Vee at Pour On Center, Ebensburg (starts 7 p.m.)

“ShamRock Shakedown” with Ben Dumm & the East Side Band, The Overtones and Nobody Heroes at Castle Pub, Ebensburg (starts 9 p.m.)


Down to the Wire at Homer’s Gap Civic Center, Altoona (benefit, starts 3:30 p.m.)

St. Patrick’s Day Party at Oriental Ballroom (Gallitzin American Legion), Gallitzin; featuring Full Kilt, Michael O’Brian Band and Hot Wax (starts 4 p.m., proceeds benefit Gallitzin Fire Company and Gallitzin American Legion – tickets SOLD OUT)


Deuces Wild at Molly Maguire’s, Altoona (starts 6:30 p.m.)

Agent Smith at Family Pizza & Pub, Altoona (starts 9 p.m.)

Bone Jacked at Chewy’s Pizza, Altoona (starts 9 p.m.)

Rokkandy at Newburg Firehall, Altoona (starts 9 p.m.)

Stormy at Argonne Cafe, Hollidaysburg (starts 8 p.m.)

Felix & the Hurricanes at Old Canal Inn, Hollidaysburg (starts 9:30 p.m.)

Jampact at Williamsburg American Legion, Williamsburg (starts 9 p.m.)

St. Patrick’s Bash with Fueled By Ignorance (F.B.I.) at Bedford Elks, Bedford (starts 9 p.m.)

Saturday Patty’s Weekend Party with Fall Of Ishvall, UFO Crash Site and R.I.P. at the Bedford Tavern, Bedford (starts 10 p.m.)

100 Proof at Breezewood VFW, Breezewood

St. Patrick’s Day Bash with Backlash at Edgewater Inn, Alexandria (starts 9 p.m.)

2nd Street at Woody Lodge Winery, Ashville (starts 6 p.m.)

Craig Fitzpatrick at Park Avenue Pub, Patton (starts 10 p.m.)

Texas Whiskey Authority at Patton American Legion, Patton (starts 10 p.m.)

The Reflections at Portage Italian Club, Portage (starts 10 p.m.)


Kenny Fetterman at Lake Raystown Resort, Entriken (starts 12 noon)

Drum & Chant Workshop with Jim Donovan at Tree Of Life Yoga & Wellness, Bedford (starts 1 p.m.)


Felix & the Hurricanes at Black & Gold Tavern, Altoona (starts 9 p.m.)

Phil Steele & Rogan Allen at Family Pizza & Pub, Altoona (starts 6 p.m.)

The Band OZ at U.S. Hotel, Hollidaysburg (starts 6 p.m.)


Open Mic with the Backyard Rockers at D’Ottavio’s Gran Sasso, Hollidaysburg (starts 8 p.m.)

Open Mic Night at Bedford Tavern, Bedford (starts 6 p.m.)

Jam Night at Magoo’s, Cresson (starts 10 p.m.)


Jam Night at Unter Uns, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

Open Mic Night at Joe & Mary’s Tavern, Altoona (starts 10 p.m.)


Steve Summerhill at Jethro’s, Altoona (starts 7 p.m.)

Greg Burley at Joe’s 58th Street Grill, Altoona (starts 9 p.m.)

(NOTE: More shows may be added to this list as information becomes available. Feel free to check back.)

To report additional shows or corrections to this listing, email information to Deadline to submit information for the initial posting is each Friday morning at 9 a.m.